About us

Who we are, and how we started.
In the 1940s ,the late Mr.Ramsaran started a small dairy farm in Santa Margarita ,St.Augustine ,Trinidad with his family. Using the fresh cows’ milk from the family’s farm, Mr.Ramsaran opened a small family-run business “Santa Margarita Dairies” with a pasteurizing plant at #26 Southern Main Road ,Curepe. This was the first pasteurizing plant in Trinidad at the time. The fresh cows’ milk was pasteurized and packaged in 8oz and 16 oz glass bottles and sold door to door by family members, mainly to shops and cafes in Western Trinidad.

In the early 1960s “Santa Margarita Dairies” began expanding and was renamed to “Ramsaran and Sons Dairy Products”. Fresh cows’ milk was bought from local farmers throughout Central Trinidad and processed and packaged in wax coated paper cartons as the company moved away from bottling and installed more efficient filling machines.

Ramsaran and Sons Dairy Products expanded the product line to include the country’s favourite ,Peanut Punch as well as other nutritious drinks like Eggnog, Chocolate and Fruits Drinks. Salesmen were employed, increasing the customer base to groceries and parlours throughout Trinidad. Ramsaran and Sons continued to expand throughout Trinidad over the decades continuously improving processes and packaging to ensure that their delicious tasting drinks satisfied every loyal customer.

In 1980 with the death of the late Mr.Ramsaran ,the company was renamed to its current name “Ramsaran’s Dairy Products.” In 2010 ,an unfortunate fire destroyed the company’s original operations at Curepe causing  Ramsaran’s Dairy Products to be moved to its current location at Trincity Industrial Estate. Ramsaran’s Dairy Products continues to provide Trinidad with the best tasting Peanut Punch as well as an assortment of Dairy and Fruit Drinks in environmentally friendly packaging to meet our customers’ tastes.